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A Mishmash of BIG (and not so big) News...

On top of NEW writing projects, the past several months have been filled with author visits, book events, and preparations for NEW visits, events, programs--and more. Here are just some of the latest happening happenings:

--I am working on a number of EXCITING new children's publishing projects which I can't talk about right now. I will when I can. Cross my heart.

--NEW BOOKS: I have two new books coming out. HORSE CLUB (Penguin 2014) is my first early chapter book! It is about a girl named Emma who longs to ride horses and finally gets a chance to do so when joining a horse club at her school. There’s some drama, intrigue, and a heart pounding ending that I hope will satisfy my readers and whet their appetites for MORE.

HOPE FOR THE ELEPHANTS (Penguin 2015) is about a boy who travels with his Grandma Jo to an elephant sanctuary in Thailand and a wildlife reserve in Africa to learn about what’s happening to the world’s elephants, what’s being done about it, and what we can all do to help these amazingly complex and majestic animals before it’s too late.

--TELLING TIME WITH PUPPY AND KITTENS has been chosen as a SCHOLASTIC, INC. BOOK CLUB selection and available in paperback. Scholastic calls it, "...the most adorable how-to book on the shelf!"

--I am busily preparing for a number of RIVETING school and library programs. I've been traveling to places including GENOA-KINGSTON, Naperville, Lisle, Chicago, and Lake Zurich to speak to young readers and writers.

Soon, I will be heading to Woodridge, Champaign, Urbana--and a number of new places. Please check out my VISITS page for more information on my author visits, etc. My calendar is filling up--so don't delay:)

--My BUGS AND US book (Penguin/​DK) was released in May of 2012 in hard cover, paperback--and is now also an APPLE APP! It's truly a love letter to BUGS and a "call to action" for others to take care of the BUGS that take care of us. It was also chosen as part of IL READS. (See link above for more information!)

--This past spring and summer, I developed and delivered several BUG LOVE programs and workshops at suburban libraries, bookstores, and Chicago Botanic Garden. Please see my VISITS and WORKSHOPS pages if you might be interested some BUG LOVE...or another of my programs.

--The highly-anticipated sports poetry anthology, "And the Crowd Goes Wild: A Global Gathering of Sports Poems" anthology features one of my poems: "READY, SET, GOLD" is NOW available in paperback and e-book formats online and at area bookstores.

--For more information, visit my POETRY page by going to my WORKS page and clicking on POETRY.

New author visits, workshops, and appearances are always in the works. Please visit my VISITS AND WORKSHOP pages for the most up-to-date programs and offerings.

If you are interested in having me appear at your school, library, or bookstore--and/​or present a specially tailored writers' workshop for your group, please click on my VISITS and WORKSHOPS' pages. I would be thrilled to work with you.

Make sure to check out some of my latest images. A few are inspirations for some possible photography books. Very exciting! (To view them click on the IMAGES link on my WORKS page!)