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I am Thankful...

November 26, 2006

Tags: family, celebration, gratitude, holidays, thankfulness, turkey, squirrels

Sorry that I this is a few days late, but it is proof that I am THANKFUL everyday--not just on Thanksgiving Day.

So, here are just a few things that I am thankful for:

God, my life, my mother's courage, strength, good health, and friendship, my father's health, wry wit, and dark sense of humor, my sisters and their families' love and support, my adorable niece, Olivia, and nephew, Erik, dear, sweet, adorable, and BIG Clarence, my mental and physical health, my creativity, my writing ability, my sense of humor, my friends, cool breezes, warm blankets, hot chocolate, cold lemonade, wild flowers, polar bears, golden retrievers, old books, new books, any kind of books, reading the Sunday papers, holding hands, sharing a hug, having hope, faith, and freedom. (more…)