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Love Never Dies...

September 13, 2008

Tags: Joanne, life, love, loss, My Mother

Sorry I haven't been blogging for a long while. It's not that I haven't been writing. Nope. I write everyday as a professional writer. So, my days are filled with writing.

And, it's not that I have not been living because I have. It's just that I've also been grieving. And, grieving is a full time job.

I lost my dear mother, Joanne Olive Murphy, in January due to complications from cancer. She was one of my best friends and my biggest fan.

Since her death, I feel like a part of me has died. The pain that I am experiencing, I can say that I have never felt before.

Sure, I have had my heart broken, but this is different. I know, however, the pain is proof that there was love...and is love. Because even though she is not physically with me anymore, she continues to love me--and I continue to love her. Love never dies. I promise to write more soon, and more about her, too.