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On Writing Artist Statements--MINE!

September 7, 2011

Tags: Artist Statement, writing, writer

Recently, I was asked to supply an artist statement with a teaching artist application. Being familiar with them, but not having one myself, I was flummoxed on how to begin writing one and what to include.

Since I have a bevy of wonderful artist pals, I emailed a handful of my visual artist friends who I thought would know more about writing these than me. Sure enough, I was directed by the talented Wendy Martin to look at Alyson B. Stanfield's web site:

While I navigated through this amazingly thoughtful web site, I found a post or two about artists creating their own artist statements and tried writing my own.

Through this brief (and albeit, somewhat rushed) exploration, I learned that an artist statement is a living and breathing thing, that it changes as we change, and that I am to visit and revisit it every so often to refine it. Here's what I have so far... (more…)