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Ways to Spread More SCBWI L-O-V-E

May 7, 2010

Tags: love, writers, writing, ilustrators, SCBWI

We’re writers. We’re illustrators. We’re used to working alone--being alone. Sometimes, we actually enjoy the solitude to create. Other times, like the song says, we’re “People who need people.”

Lucky for us, we have the SCBWI to offer encouraging voices, career-building conferences, and boundless opportunities to learn from and push each other to levels only imagined.

But with all of this encouraging, building, learning, and pushing, I believe comes some responsibility. That is—a responsibility to give back, pay forward, and lend support to our fellow SCBWI authors/illustrators. Sure, many of you reading this story already support your fellow SCBWI members, but we can all do better—and benefit us all.

What follows is a smattering of suggestions on how we can all extend our reach and take our support to a higher level. In the true spirit of this story, I asked for some input (and support) from a few of my SCBWI friends. (more…)