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Holiday Gift Giving Made Easy: BUY BOOKS!

November 7, 2010

Tags: books, family, love, Mark Twain, writing

I’ve made a decision today re: my holiday gift giving this year. With 47 shopping days until Christmas, I have decided that I will be buying nothing but BOOKS, BOOKS, and more BOOKS for my loved ones and dear friends. (I do this often, but this year I will be making a conscious effort to support the book publishing industry that has been very good to me!) (more…)

Ways to Spread More SCBWI L-O-V-E

May 7, 2010

Tags: love, writers, writing, ilustrators, SCBWI

We’re writers. We’re illustrators. We’re used to working alone--being alone. Sometimes, we actually enjoy the solitude to create. Other times, like the song says, we’re “People who need people.”

Lucky for us, we have the SCBWI to offer encouraging voices, career-building conferences, and boundless opportunities to learn from and push each other to levels only imagined.

But with all of this encouraging, building, learning, and pushing, I believe comes some responsibility. That is—a responsibility to give back, pay forward, and lend support to our fellow SCBWI authors/illustrators. Sure, many of you reading this story already support your fellow SCBWI members, but we can all do better—and benefit us all.

What follows is a smattering of suggestions on how we can all extend our reach and take our support to a higher level. In the true spirit of this story, I asked for some input (and support) from a few of my SCBWI friends. (more…)

OPEN for Business?

December 8, 2009

Tags: life, love, opportunity

Don't you love stores that have OPEN signs? It's simple. You know when they are open and ready for business--and when they are not. When a sign is flipped to the OPEN side or switched on to OPEN, you can walk right in. No questions asked.

I thought the other day when I saw an OPEN sign flickering at a gas station that it be grand if we all had open signs to show if/when we were OPEN, too. (more…)

Love Never Dies...

September 13, 2008

Tags: Joanne, life, love, loss, My Mother

Sorry I haven't been blogging for a long while. It's not that I haven't been writing. Nope. I write everyday as a professional writer. So, my days are filled with writing.

And, it's not that I have not been living because I have. It's just that I've also been grieving. And, grieving is a full time job.

I lost my dear mother, Joanne Olive Murphy, in January due to complications from cancer. She was one of my best friends and my biggest fan.

Since her death, I feel like a part of me has died. The pain that I am experiencing, I can say that I have never felt before.

Sure, I have had my heart broken, but this is different. I know, however, the pain is proof that there was love...and is love. Because even though she is not physically with me anymore, she continues to love me--and I continue to love her. Love never dies. I promise to write more soon, and more about her, too.