Children's Magazine and Anthology Stories

Once upon a time, I had my first children's magazine story published (BIO-BEAST ON THE LOOSE, ODYSSEY Magazine, Carus/​Cobblestone Publishing, 1997) and I've been writing for children ever since.

My children's magazine writing lead me to start writiing books for children. Today, I consider myself very lucky to write for both children's magazines and book publishers. From short fiction stories, poems, to long features on all sorts of things, my words have found their way to magazines and anthologies alike. Below is a growing list of them:

--Guideposts Magazine
--Highlights Magazine
--High Five Magazine
--National Geographic Kids
--Odyssey Magazine
--Owl (in Canada and France)
--Weekly Reader: Current Health Magazines

Animal Advocates (Wright Group/​McGraw-Hill)
Animal Mysteries (Wright Group/​McGraw-Hill)
ESL Story and Poem Anthology (Rigby, Harcourt)
Go Away! (Rigby, Harcourt)
Go Team! (Rigby, Harcourt)
Reading Street (Pearson Scott Foresman)
Under the Sea (Wright Group/​McGraw-Hill

Magazine and anthology writing samples