Hope for the Elephants

My recent HOPE FOR THE ELEPHANTS window at The Book Stall, Winnetka, IL

My HOPE FOR THE ELEPHANTS, early reader (in the US) and chapter book (in the UK and everywhere else) is available, as they say, "everywhere books are sold", and ready to inspire young readers to become part of the hope.

From the publisher:

"In Hope for Elephants, David joins his Grandma on a trip to Asia and Africa to study the problems elephants are facing. They spend a week as volunteers at an Asian elephant sanctuary in Sri Lanka, caring for the elephants. Then they fly to Kenya to meet the anti-poaching patrol, staff and researchers at a nature reserve. Find out more about elephants and the dangers they face in this compelling book for young readers. At the end of Hope for Elephants, we learn that elephants can have a hopeful future when we help protect them."

Making SAVE THE ELEPHANTS posters and eating elephant treats at one of my HOPE FOR THE ELEPHANTS' programs at the Magic Tree Bookstore, Oak Park, IL.

Thanks to P&G, l will be giving a bar of Ivory (soap) with each book with the words: "The only Ivory you should buy..." For more details about my book and to be part of the HOPE, email me! Thanks!