Joanne's Raggedy Ann Club

What is Joanne's Raggedy Ann Club?

Joanne's Raggedy Ann Club (formerly the Raggedy Ann Club) is a non-profit organization co-founded by my mother, Joanne O. Murphy, and me to bring comfort to children in need through the making and giving of handmade Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls.

How does Joanne's Raggedy Ann Club work?

From 1997-2007, my mother, Joanne, taught classes to crafters on how to make Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls. In exchange for the free class, participants were asked to donate ONE doll to the Raggedy Ann Club. These dolls were then donated to a variety of children's organizations, places, and spaces.

Since 2008, I continue the mission my mother and I began under a new name--Joanne's Raggedy Ann Club in memory of my dear mother, Joanne. In January of '08, my mother passed away due to complications from cancer. We make the dolls in her memory.

How it all began...

Upon visiting a young relative, Andrew, in the hospital, my mother and I got the idea to make Raggedy Ann Dolls to help comfort children in need.

Andrew lived with a brain tumor since birth. He spent a greater part of his childhood in and out of Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago, IL. We began the RAC in his honor.

Since 1997...

JRAC has donated hundreds of dolls to children in hospitals, domestic violence shelters, homeless shelters, police and fire departments, and children in Africa, India, and Iraq.

Join Joanne's Raggedy Ann Club

To join the JRAC or start one of your own, you can contact the club at (847) 917-4963.

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The Raggedy Ann Club in the News

"St. Edna (Arlington Heights) parishioner Joanne O. Murphy directs the Raggedy Ann Club. She teaches needlers how to make Raggedy Ann dolls. In exchange, her students donate a doll to the RAC, which sends them on to kids at places like Children’s Memorial Hospital."
--The Catholic New World: Church Clips Column