Never Eat Soggy Waffles:
Fun Mnemonic Tricks

Writing NEVER EAT SOGGY WAFFLES was a most memorable experience. While my memory is like an elephant's and I don't normally use mnemonics, researching and writing this title gave me new ways to remember all sorts of unrelated things without taxing my already busy brain.

To write about mnemonics, I first read everything on the planet about them, about the brain's memory centers--and about just how the brain's amazing memory works. Next, I compiled all of the popular, important, and relevant mnemonics for the age group that I was writing for, discovered lesser-known MDs and others that I just had to include, made up some of my own, (yes, I did!) and uncovered the most current research on how to improve and protect the brain...Then, I started writing (and rewriting)until I created an engaging and compelling (and hopefully unforgettable) text to share all that I learned about mnemonics--and our amazing memories!

In addition to writing the words, I also offered many art, graphic, and illustrations for the book, too. However, Mr. Tom LaBaff, my illustrator, did the amazing--and off the charts hysterically funny illustrations for this book. I thank him for his time and talent...and my editors, Ben and Jane, too.

Last but not least, I dedicated this book in memory of my dear mother, Joanne O. Murphy, who passed away in January '08. She was (and still is) the most unforgettable person I will ever know. PJM

From the Publisher:

Never Eat Soggy Waffles is a fun mnemonic device to help you remember the cardinal directions--North, East, South, and West! Using mnemonic "memory tricks" or device like this one is a great way to remember difficult facts.

You can learn fun mnemonic devices for remembering the order of the planets (My Very Excellent Mother Just Served Us Noodles), the names of the oceans (I Am A Super Person), the order of math operations (Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally), and more! Find out how to make your own mnemonic devices--and how you can make keep your brain and memory healthy, too.

Some Recent "Soggy Waffles" REVIEWS:

"Here's a book that readers of all ages will enjoy so much that they won't realize how many things they've learned--and remembered!"

--Allan A. Fina, PhD., Literarcy Consultant, Dean, College of Education, New Jersey City University, N.J., and Past President of the New Jersey Reading Association

". . . some of the memory tricks are quite useful."
-Children's Literature, May 2009

"Good collection of memory devices . . ."
--Association of Region XI School Libraries, April 2009

"Students will get a kick out of this fun book and will love this new way to remember those hard-to-remember things. No doubt students will be eager to make up mnemonic devices of their own. Teachers will find this book to be a useful introduction to memory tricks."
--Library Media Connection, August/​September 2009

"A great addition for reluctant memorizers and trivia buffs alike!"
--Southern Maine Library District, June 6, 2009