Current Workshops

Here I am teaching a workshop at the Chicago Children's Museum. Lucky me:)

I love teaching writing and inspiring young readers and writers!

It's true. I LOVE teaching writing and inspiring young readers and writers as much as I do writing. That's why I offer a variety of workshops for children Pre-K through 8th Grade. (I am happy to speak with BIG people, too!) My interactive, hands-on workshops and school visit topics include:


Discover the hows, ways, and whys to get great ideas for stories, non-fiction, and poetry—and learn what to do with them when you have them. *Workshop comes with a guarantee that participants will come up with BIGGER, BETTER STORY IDEAS in 30 days or less. If they don't, they can email me for some!

Pow-WOW-er-ful WORDS

Words are writers only REAL tools--so they must be used carefully, thoughtfully--and yes, POWERFULLY. Writers will explore what POWERFUL WORDS are, where to find, store them, and how to use them to create lasting images in their readers minds, convey the exact messages they want to send, and evoke emotions and responses from their readers.

Ten Habits of Successful Writers

Learn ten habits that ALL successful writers practice, and start incorporating them today. Like the great philosopher, Aristotle, once said: "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit!" So, let the healthy writing habits begin!

Writing from the Inside Out!

Truly authentic writing comes from life lived.
So, here, we will explore how writers can (and must) use their life experiences (and others' experiences) and then "gift" them (Thanks, JOY!) to their pieces of work. Writers will also be encouraged to truly, fully, and completely LIVE!

Writing What You Know...and What You Want to Know!

Use your own life and what YOU KNOW to write fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. Then, become an expert on anything you want to know--and need to know(through research, primary resources, interviewing, first-hand experience, etc.) so you can write about that, too!

Truth is STRANGER than Fiction!

Mark Twain was right! Truth is stranger than fiction--and a whole lot of fun to write. Find out how to research and write the most creative non-fiction. Also, get my top ten tips for writing non-fiction that leaps off the page and knocks readers’ socks off.

Writing What Matters...

As a REALLY smart person once said, "To whom much is given, much is expected" so it's our duty as writers to use our "power of the pen" carefully and postively to change our lives, our readers' lives--and change the world.

Here, we will explore ways we can write to inform, to entertain, to inspire, to show gratitude, to create positive change, and to evoke emotions--and actions from our readers.

Celebrate Friendship and Similes!

Join in a celebration of friendship and similes with my book: I NEED YOU--filled with both! Young readers and writers will listen to a reading of I NEED YOU, brainstorm their own similes, and write their own versions of my book.(For children in K-2 grades)

Journey of a Pioneer

Head your covered wagons westward as I read my book Journey of a Pioneer and engage young readers/​writers to write about their own journeys.

Writing All Summer Long...

How can you keep writing all summer long? How can you NOT with a list of sure-fire ways to write, write, and write through the lazy days of summer. (Can be tailored to vacations, too!)

Imagination Vacation: Exploring the Art of Joseph Cornell

Take an imaginative journey into Joseph Cornell's dream-like shadowboxes through reading, writing, and creating your own Cornell-inspired artwork. Bring along your imagination, photo copies of your favorite photographs, words, articles, or stories--and small things you might like to place in your own Cornell imagination box. We will supply the rest.

Especially for YOU!

Customized writing workshops are also available to suit your individual groups’ needs and interests.

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