Pattycake Poetry

I love everything about poetry--the imagery, the figurative and lyrical language, the rhythm and rhyme. As Poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge once said, "Poems are the right words in the right order." I like to think that this is true about all good writing.

On this page, I've included some of my poems I've written for friends, family, and my publishers.

I hope you enjoy my poems and that they will inspire you to write some of your own. Happy reading and writing!


Be Surrounded

Surround yourself with family
Old, new, and in-between
Sit a spell with Grandma
Make time for Aunt Eileen
Cozy up to cousins—
Like Norma, Don, and Vin
Share a story…a smile…a laugh
And let the fun begin
Enjoy these precious moments
Great gifts that can’t be wrapped
Don’t let them slip or slide away
For they’re over in a snap!

Love that's Golden

Love begins
It smiles
And frowns

Love is a summer day
An admiring gaze
A shared laugh

Love is a commitment
That lasts
And lasts
And lasts

Love is celebrating
And more celebrating
Love is staying close
And leaning on each other

Love is out of this world
And a different world

Love is summers
And winters

Love is familiar places
favorite places
faraway places
and dark spaces

Love is casual
and all dressed up
and sometimes checks and plaids

Love is holidays together
celebrating a milestone
remembering a sacrifice

Love is comfortable
Love is fearless

Love--the real stuff
The kind you have
The golden
NEVER ends!