Tough Topics: Moving, Divorce,
Illness, and Death

When my editor asked me to write about these very tough topics, I soon realized the difficult task ahead of me. I was, however, truly grateful for the opportunity. Why, you may ask? That's because--this is the reason why I write.

Sure, I write to inform, to inspire, to make people think about things, to feel certain feelings, and to entertain my readers--but most of all I write to make a difference in world. If one child is helped by my MOVING, DIVORCE/​SEPARATION, ILLNESS, or DEATH books, then, well, then, I've made a difference.

From the Publisher

What happens when parents get divorced? How does it feel to move? What is it like to have a loved one who is ill...or who dies? "Tough Topics" offers a first look at difficult issues that many young children face. Each book offers sensitive and straightforward copy and answers to common questions they may have to help make informed decisions.

A Few Reviews

"Divorce and Separation from the Tough Topics series introduces the concepts of divorce and separation as they affect children in a family. In addition to explaining the difference between the two terms, Murphy discusses possible outcomes, such as spending time in two households or moving to a new town, as well as common emotional challenges and how to deal with them. Difficulties are acknowledged, but the large-print text encourages maintaining a positive outlook. Illustrated with color photos, the book concludes with a brief glossary and bibliography. A reassuring presentation."

Carolyn Phelan, Booklist (January 2008)

"Murphy addresses both topics (Death and Illness) in a direct manner. In the first book, she discusses what death is, how it can happen, how it affects people, funerals and memories, and different ways of coping with such a loss. Though it alludes to the Kübler-Ross model of the five stages of grief, it does not specifically discuss them. The second book talks about different kinds of illnesses, coping mechanisms, and varieties of medical treatments available. Many other titles cover specific illnesses, but Murphy gives an overview of the topic in a way that young readers can understand. In both titles, the two-page chapters include full-color photos and two paragraphs of text that are frank yet sensitive in their approach. Useful books on difficult topics."

School and Library Journal (January 2008)