JOurney of a pioneer


JOURNEY OF A PIONEER is a story about a young girl named Olivia B. Clark (yes, another family name) who travels along the Oregon Trail and shares her story with us in her diary. 

To write this narrative non-fiction title, I read hundreds (and hundreds) of pages of actual diaries, including one of a young girl, and interviewed a number of Oregon Trail and pioneer experts. I also took really long car rides and wondered what it would be like leave behind my family, friends, and the only home I've ever known to head West for a new life. 

I feel honored and privileged to be able to share a snapshot look at life along the Oregon Trail and am grateful to the women and men who were so brave to follow their dreams, and to blaze their own trails West! 

PS If the illustrations look like my niece, Olivia, it's no accident. They were indeed inspired by her! Because she was the age of the main character at the time, my editor asked if I could supply photos of her for inspiration for the illustrator. Of course, I said "yes" (after asking Olivia and her mother, my sister, etc.), and the rest is Olivia illustrated in a book!

Journey of a Pioneer (Pages 10-11)

Journey of a Pioneer (Pages 14-15)