Here it is, the short version:  I'm a writer/storyteller, an educator, a literacy advocate, and a sensitive soul. 

The longer version:  I'm an award-winning writer + creator + ideator for BIG and little people, a savvy communications and marketing consultant, an innovative educator, a passionate literacy advocate, and the founder/chief creative officer of Pattycake Productions, a creative service agency.

I feel blessed to write, to create, and to ideate across genres and for different audiences.  I work hard to ensure that my work is authentic, engaging, lyrical, inspiring, and that it resonants with my readers' hearts. My goal is to make a difference in the world with my words. 

For BIG people, I write/create/ideate all kinds of things from personal essays, magazine and newspaper stories, marketing communications, to advertising, public relations/publicity, and marketing copy and concepts.

For little people, I write/create/ideate everything from board books, big books, early readers, literacy readers, picture books (fiction + creative/narrative non-fiction titles), to middle grade novels (these are in the works) poems,  songs, greeting cards, storytime and craft activities, magazine stories, and children's TV! 

To date, I've written  over 150 children’s books (My dear mother used to keep count) with more on the way, dozens of magazine stories, and a growing list of scripts for children's television.  

If you want to know more, you will have to ask me.    

Yours sincerely, 




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