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Telling the story of time was a time-consuming project! Like I do with all of my books, I do extensive research including (1) Reading everything I can get my hands on about the topic (the most accurate and up-to-date information), (2) Interviewing the top experts in the field, (3) Experiencing the topic first hand, and using my imagination. With TELLING TIME, I did all of this and went back in time to discover how time has been told, marked, and celebrated through the centuries. 

If you have time, check out the spreads below to see just how I took my readers along with a timeline that crawls along the bottom of each page. Soon, you will see that time REALLY flies--when you're having fun!

Telling Time is an engrossing history of timekeeping, from obelisks and sundials to the atomic clocks of today. Part of a multistage reading program with five graduated levels. Stunning photographs and engaging, age-appropriate stories.


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