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"Patricia is a very engaging presenter! The students loved listening to her talk about her writing experiences and were also able to improve and share their writing with her during the workshop she conducted. Her warm personality and flexibility with her presentations made the experience for our school invaluable. Thank you Patricia for bringing your contagious love for writing to our school!"

~Mary Pollard
Literacy Coach
Woodbine School


"Patty was a joy to have at Longfellow. She kept our Kindergarten and First grade students enthralled and engaged, and many of them went on to independently work on their "Super Secret Idea Catchers" or to write her letters. She is an avid communicator and was willing to brainstorm and adjust so that all of the pieces fit together for a lovely experience!" 

~Jamie Winchell
Longfellow Elementary School
Oak Park, IL


"Patricia arrived at our library full of energy, a stack of genuine cigar boxes, and a box full of intriguing collage materials. After listening to an overview of Joseph Cornell’s life and art work, the children gathered materials and created their own collages “inside the box.” Each child’s personal interests—from cars, to nature, to abstract textures—transformed the cigar boxes into works of art. Everyone enjoyed this creative get-away for the afternoon." 

--Natalie Ziarnik
Head of Children's Department
ELA Library
Lake Zurich, IL


"Patricia's presentation to our 1st and 2nd graders was engaging and far exceeded our expectations. Our teachers were able to take her "10 Habits of Great Writers" and embed these habits into their classrooms' discussions as a follow up to the students’ experience with her. We always encourage our young authors at Tate Woods to write voraciously, but her advice has allowed them to set goals as constantly improving authors and work toward these goals with specific habits in mind.

We appreciate how she shared yourself and her ideas with our young authors and inspired them and their teachers to continue their writing journeys!"

With warm appreciation,
--Wesley Gosselink, Principal
Tate Woods Elementary
Lisle School District #202
Lisle, IL


"Patricia J. Murphy had our 3rd-5th grade students captivated by her lively presentation full of strategies for writing non-fiction text for over 45 minutes--and a 15 minute Q and A where she answered their thoughtful questions prompted by her talk! They loved her!

For our K-2 graders, she presented an exciting talk on where to get ideas and presented each with a 'Super Duper Secret Idea Catcher!' They were so thrilled be able to get their catchers and start their own list of ideas! 

Kudos to Patricia J. Murphy for her inspirational thoughts motivating our students to do lots of great writing!"

--Pat King
LRC Director, Ranch View School
Naperville School District #203


"Patricia did an amazing job--and I know the students enjoyed hearing about her writing process and successes in publishing so many exciting books for children! We appreciated her professionalism and enthusiasm in bringing such an important message to our students!"

--Suzanne Salness
Principal, Ranch View Elementary
Naperville Community Unit School Dist. 203


"We had a wonderful time with Patricia J. Murphy in GK! Her presentations were 'spot on' for our emphasis on non-fiction and explanatory writing + reading...and her family night...was a cozy and personalized session!

I greatly appreciated the time and effort she put in preparing and differentiating the visit for our district. It was evident that she puts her heart into her work as an author--and as a presenter!"

--Debbie Dudley
Literacy Consultant, Former Principal and Teacher
Genoa Kingston CUSD #424


"Thank you so much for presenting to our students and parents today. Your presentations were wonderful. Writing is such an important part of our learning and we truly have students that love to write. Your presentations mentioned many things that we are currently doing in our district, and brought in the real-life/orld aspect. As educators, we can tell the students the importance of every step but to hear it from a real-life author really sends the message home. I truly enjoyed meeting you. Keep doing what you love!"

--Stefanie Hill
Curriculum Director
Genoa Kingston CUSD #424


"Patricia Murphy's "BIZ! BAM! BUGS!" family program that we offered at the Chicago Botanic Garden in July was amazing. Her attention to detail, enthusiasm for the subject matter, and dedication to enriching the lives of young children is phenomenal! Reviews of her program were very positive. One satisfied participant said: 'Fantastic! Both the kids and the grown ups LOVED it. Ms. Murphy is clearly passionate about the
subject and her enthusiasm is contagious. We'll never look at bugs quite the same way again!'

I look forward to offering the program again next year and working with her in the future! Thank you, Patty!"

--Eileen Prendergast
Youth & Family Programs Director, Chicago Botanic Garden
Glencoe, IL


"Meadow Glens was delighted to have author, Patricia Murphy, with us for an entire day. Her presentations were very focused and addressed the needs of the teachers and students. Patricia and I talked several times before her visit and I love how she catered her presentation to the needs of our school. We opted for her "Truth is Stranger Than Fiction" presentation and were not disappointed. The 10 tips she shared with the students and teachers were right on target. 

Patricia has a special ability to gear her presentations to the ages of her audience. She also has an engaging way with the children. She was an awesome presenter and I hope we have the chance to have her visit Meadow Glens again someday!"

--Julie Kassen
LRC Director
Meadow Glens Elementary
Naperville, IL USA


"Our students and staff had nothing but positive comments after Patricia's presentation. She made such an impact on our school--and for that I am very appreciative." 

--Chuck Freundt, Principal
Meadow Glens Elementary
Naperville, IL USA


"Patricia's workshops on creating family stories were an interactive and multi-media delight! Children and adults alike were engaged during the discussion of what makes a family, and Patricia made sure to speak with each workshop participant individually, asking questions and talking about the family memory they chose to write and illustrate. Ms. Murphy takes her work very seriously--creating workshops that engage from all angles with a warm and fun way of reaching all our visitors, young and old!"

~ Kim Koin
Chicago Children's Museum
Manager of Arts Studio and Programs


" We were impressed with Patricia's organization and presentation. She truly inspired our Young Authors during her visit!"

~ Laura Morgan
Meadowview School
Graylakes, IL


"We cannot say enough about how wonderful our experience was utilizing Patricia for our district's YOUNG AUTHOR program. She was organized, eloquent, poised, and a true professional during all of her YA presentations. She was able to connect with--and inspire the several hundred students she interacted with throughout the school day and the parents/amilies at the evening presentation with over 600 members of the Lake Zurich community. We were pleased with our decision to have Patricia as a part of our 2008-2009 school year--and look forward to continuing our relationship in the future!"

~ Cameron Shapiro
Seth Paine Elementary School
Lake Zurich, IL USA


"Patricia's WRITING ALL SUMMER LONG was a wonderful program. Rarely, do I see a presenter put so much into making sure their program is perfect. The kids loved it and it was a treat to observe it myself. We will have to work up another presentation sometime!"

~ Lynne Priest
Grade School Programming Specialist
Arlington Heights Memorial Library
Arlington Heights, IL USA


"Patricia presented a highly creative program which kept the children engaged and enthused. They had no idea that they were learning! Patricia's presentation made for a great event with children and parents leaving pleased." 

~ Arlene Lynes
Read Between the Lynes
Woodstock, IL USA


"Patricia's CAMP WRITE ON! workshops were extremely well-planned and exciting for the children. She kept them actively engaged while learning the various aspects of writing. The level of excitement and participation during class were extraordinary---a memorable learning experience for everyone!!!"

~ Amy Trogdon
The Book Stall at Chestnut Court
Winnetka, IL USA


"Patricia's informative workshops were enthusiastically accepted by our 3rd, 4th, and 5th students. She readily customized her presentations to meet our needs for our annual CELEBRATE WRITING! program. It was a pleasure to work collaboratively with Patricia on this project. Her passion for writing was truly contagious! 

As one student commented, 'The best part was when Ms. Murphy shared her 'Top Ten Tips for Writing Non-Fiction' because they were funny and they helped me understand non-fiction writing a lot more!'"

~ Dee Hayenga
District #25 Coordinator
Celebrate Writing/uthor-in-Residence Program
Arlington Heights, IL USA


"Patricia has so much energy and enthusiasm for writing that I am sure she charged up the kids. I loved all of the information and ideas that she shared with our class."

~ Nancy Levey,
2nd Grade Teacher
Greenbriar Elementary School
Northbrook, IL USA


"Your visit was so special. You have such a gift for working with children...no wonder your books are so good! You deserve a big THANKS from me. It was so nice of you to bring us books and notebooks."

~ Mary Brennan, First Grade Teacher
Pritchett Elementary School
Buffalo Grove, IL USA


"We love your books--they're great. Everyone reads your books because we love them so much! Thank you for coming. We hope you will come again soon. If you come again, please, please, please--we are begging you, to bring more books to share and projects to do again. We hope you come soon!" 

~ Naomi & Maya
from Mrs. Brennan's Class 1st Grade


"We are in room 17 & we LOVE YOUR BOOKS ! Thank you for the wonderful project you did with us. We loved it! OUR WHOLE CLASS LOVES YOUR BOOKS! 

ELYANA & COLETTE from Mrs. Brennan's 1st Grade


"We loved the books and the notebooks and we loved your visit to Pritchett. We love you Mrs. Murphy! When are you going to visit again?"

--Sara and Jessica, the people in Mrs. Brennan's Class




YES, that was ME taking part in WINNETKA'S TV TUNE OUT WEEK at the Bookstall at Chestnut Court in Winnetka, IL. I happily shared my friendship title: I NEED YOU (filled with similes) and encouraged friends in attendance to write their own versions. 


Yes, I am also thrilled and quite honored to do book signings at schools, libraries, book fairs, trade shows, bookstores, etc., along with visits and/r workshops, brief presentations, or just plum by themselves. Books can be ordered through my publishers. 

To learn more about my author visits, library and/or museum programs, or bookstore visits, please visit my author visit, etc., page.  Thanks! PJM